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why you should consider mississauga

Mississauga is always overshadowed by Toronto. However it is the 6th most populous city in Canada at over 714,000 residents, it is easy to lump it into the Great Toronto Area (GTA) and you may know a few things about Mississauga City, the country’s oldest mayor who retired at 93of age in 2014 Square One Mall Absolute World, (those buildings is look like Marilyn Monroe).

But what do you actually know about this Mississauga City, and why you should consider buying there?

It’s an good place to raise a family

While much of Mississauga City can be labelled “the ‘burbs,” that is not quietly a bad thing. If you want or having a kids someday, you know that having a backyard and some space to run around your kids is needed. There are swaths of detached house communities in Mississauga, at comparable prices to smaller houses in parts of Toronto.

That said, there is diversity in housing. If you search “real estate in Mississauga,” you are sure to find an array of detached houses there, as well as condos of all kinds.

It’s a great place to learn

And while you’re starting a family at Mississauga, you can be assured that the quality of education there is above par. More than half of elementary schools there are at a 7/10 or above, putting the majority of their schools in the top 25% of Ontario City. Mississauga also has a good colleges and a campus of the University of Toronto, with programs ranging from animation to animal care and more.

It’s incredibly diverse

However Vancouver and Toronto are always called the most-diverse cities in Canada, Mississauga is a definite contender.

In the late 19th century, Mississauga was one of the first cities to break away from farming. Italian immigrants diversified the place by working in manufacturing, such as the Cooksville Brick & Tile Company. Many of the Baltic, Caribbean and Asians immigrants who came to Canada following World War 2 settled in Mississauga City. People from around the world began to see Mississauga as a safe place for all the people, so the city encouraged them and embraced them to build a strong community.

The united culture is reflected in many different aspects of the city, including art, architecture, food, and even history. More than 40 languages are spoken there, meaning Mississauga’s multiculturalism has become its culture. There’s even a 3 day city wide event to celebrate the many cultures of the city!

It’s close to Toronto without being Toronto

You have especially easy access to the west end, including Pearson Airport, that’s why being neighbours with Toronto has its perks.  You can hop on the QEW to the Gardiner to get to the heart of Toronto in no time, sometimes faster than if you had to deal with the TTC while living in Toronto City.

And even though you’re a stone’s throw away, you don’t have to pay Toronto’s municipal land transfer tax, so there are savings to be had.

It’s worth exploring

Mississauga is not just houses. There is world-class dining, 500 city parks nearly, and a ton of unique activities to take advantage of. If you can’t find the property you’re looking for in Toronto, Arsalan Hussain may just be the best option for you.