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Property Management Services in Mississauga

One of the most valuable forms of investment is property investment. One can invest in several types of property. For instance, you can invest in a beautiful holiday home in Toronto, else a large condominium at the heart of the city or an apartment on your next street. Whatever the type of property you invest in, it is essential to manage it to avoid falling into the hands of nuisance tenants. In this case, the best option is opting for a property management service.

Property Management

We offer various types of property management services to real estate investors. The requirement of every real estate investment may be different, and the precise service of every organization will vary, but here is a general overview of the primary services offered by Arsalan Hussain in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and GTA area.

Identify the Ideal Rental Rate

We will carry out a detailed assessment of your houses in an effort to identify the best rental rate. This often comprises documenting the exterior and interior with high-quality photos, researching comparable and their present rental prices, as well as providing recommendations on cosmetic enhancements and repairs that will increase return on investment. The manager will also discuss with you on the advantages and disadvantages of various policies and restrictions concerning your property.

Screen Prospective Tenants

The last thing you want as a property owner is a delinquent and troublesome tenant. Worry no more because we will carefully screen prospective tenants, carry out the essential background checks, index the tenant on the basis of predefined criteria and also inform the ultimate decision to the clients who were chosen and those who were rejected. This aspect will not entirely eliminate the chances of having a bad client, but will significantly lower any chance of having a bad tenant.

Realtor in Mississauga

Market the Houses to Tenants

We provide a competent property management service that has a lot to offer our clients. We are always active in the process of acquiring new tenants. We accomplish this by preparing your house for rent, marketing the home both online and offline, creating adverts, working with other leasing agents and realtors in Mississauga, Brampton,Oakville, Toronto and  GTA to find potential tenants, meeting prospective clients all through the week and weekends for showings and also fielding calls from potentials for viewings and questions. Besides, we offer a legal compliant rental application and collect the signed application alongside the application fee.

Oversee Tenant Move in

Our team of experts will offer help to tenants during the move in period. They will organize the leasing agreement and review its needs with the tenant to ascertain they understand their accountability, make sure that all the much-needed contracts are signed, carry out a thorough move-in inspection, and collect security deposit as well as the first month’s rent.

Eject Disobedient Tenants

We are always more than prepared to deal with this undesirable process systematically as outlined by the law. We know how to file the appropriate paperwork to start and end as unlawful detainer action, cooperate with law enforcement to eliminate a tenant as well as the tenant’s possessions in a house, represent the property owner in a court of law.

Collect Rent

As a reputed property management service in Mississauga and GTA. We are accountable for collecting monthly, quarterly and annual rents from your property. We always proactively deal with late payments, enforce late fees as outlined on the leasing agreement and also issue pay or quit notices.

Offer Legal Advice

Our property management agent offers advice in the event of litigation or legal dispute brought against the property owner. When possible, we always refer the property owner to a proficient lawyer. Most importantly, we still adhere to the current federal, state and local legislation that apply to the rental properties in order to lower the owner’s legal risks completely.

Inspecting Properties Frequently

We regularly carry out checkups to your property to determine safety hazards, repair requirements, lease violations, code violations, among others. With this, we then inform the owner about the condition of his or her investment.

Manage Your Finances

Apart from the services indicated above, we also offer a wide variation of finance-related services to all real estate investors. Some of these services include annual reports for tax purposes, accounting services, advice regarding tax deductions, record keeping, as well as a monthly cash-flow statement that shows the income and expenses.

Oversee Tenant Move Out

When a tenant is ready to move out of your property, we assist in smoothen procedure by checking up the house, reimbursing the balance of the security deposit, communicate with the tenant, re-keying the locks, cleaning the room, and then place the room back on the market for rent.

Maintaining and Repairing the Property

We always cooperate with the owner to affirm that the property gets the appropriate maintenance and repairs. This task may be carried out by an in-house maintenance crew, or a bonded, insured and licensed contractor that is vetted to offer reasonable pricing and skillful work. Also, we provide a twenty-four-hour communication channel where clients can communicate to us efficiently related to the  request for urgent repairs.

Why Select Us for Your Property Management?

The knowledgeable property teams at our disposal offer unrivaled service and can assist you to find and retain worthy tenants. We possess a separate trust account team to look after payments, invoicing, rent arrears, as well as statement processing. This aspect means that the property managers can solely focus on handling investment.

We also boast a devoted leasing consultant to ascertain that the period between tenants is lowered to the shortest time possible. Our leasing consultant’s marketing program, tremendous experience, and tenant assessment process make sure that your unit is tenanted rapidly and with the best applicants possible. Arsalan Hussain combine insight, in-depth local knowledge, and expertise to offer the best outcome to our customers.

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