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Mississauga Real Estate Overview
mississauga real estate

Mississauga Real Estate Overview

Mississauga provide a unique blend of suburban lifestyle in close proximity to a thriving business sector. It is one of the good place for growing families and expanding businesses.

The City of Mississauga is focused on smart growth, offering residents the opportunity to work and live in the same place and providing all essential services and amenities close at hand.

The city of Mississauga placed fourth for large cities of the future. The Mississauga was also rated as 11th best city to live in Canada, in terms of prosperity according to MoneySense magazine.

Mississauga real estate agents understand that Mississauga is a city that integrate all the wonderful attributes of a great place to live, it is prospering, fun and safe.

Mississauga real estate agents are also determined to point out to potential buyers that the city has maintained wonderful green spaces throughout its neighborhoods.

Mississauga real estate are also well aware that Mississauga has been growing real estate community for many decades. It is prime property, as it includes everything from town homes, mansions, condos, semi-detached homes and lovely detached home. As for businesses, Mississauga real estate are determined to point out how popular Mississauga is for companies, both large and small, national and international.

As real estate prices in the City of Toronto have beaten the stratosphere, more home seekers have looked to neighboring cities in the Greater Toronto Area for more affordable options of their new home.

City of Mississauga, located just to the west and adjacent to Lake Ontario, is hardly a bedroom community, not only is it home to one of the largest malls in the Canada. It is also commuter friendly with close access to the GO Transit network.

The Mississauga House and Condo Prices

According to the latest sales price data, while conditions in the municipality have softened in the months following the implementation of the Ontario Fair Housing Plan. Mississauga have enjoyed some large returns on their home investment over the past 5 years, with gains between 41 to 48 percent across all property types. It is higher than the stock market, outpacing S&P / TSX index gains of 27.5 percent by 1.5 times over the same time period.

Mississauga also remains a tight, balanced market, with a sales to new listings ratio of 57 percent on January 2018 between 40 to 60 percent indicates balanced conditions, while below and above that threshold indicates sellers’ and buyers’ markets, respectively.


Cheaper multi-family housing options have seen the most action throughout the end of 2017 and the start of 2018, as new mortgage rules and provincial regulations reduced affordability for property buyers. That’s evident in the 5% price growth Mississauga townhouses have enjoyed over the last year, and a booming 43% increase from 2013 on par with semi-detached and detached options. The average homeowner has earned $208,667 on their 5 year home purchase, with prices rising to $401,358, from $258,993.

Semi-Detached Houses
While prices have fallen 6 per cent year over year to $686,115 (from $732,747 in January 2017), semis have enjoyed the greatest increase in value over five years, up a whopping 48 per cent from $435,995 in 2013 a boost of $250,120.

Detached Houses
Detached homes in Mississauga have experienced the greatest decrease from this time last year, when prices were steadily increasing toward on March market peak. The average price has fallen 13% from $1,181,365 last year to $1,022,125. Despite that, buyers who purchased in January 2013 have seen healthy gains of 41%, earning $334,696 on their home.

High rise home options have led the market throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Mississauga condos are no exception, with 17% year over year price growth to an average of $401,358 in the region. The gains are even greater long-term, with prices rising 44% resulting in real estate earnings of $142,365.

Relative to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), home buyers are still looking good value in the city of Mississauga. According to the new report, buyers finding to move into a larger home are driving a lot of the demand, even though foreign investors and buyers are still have a strong presence in the condo market.

Condo prices have surged 28% over the past year, the average unit still sells for less than $500,000. They suggests a new condo developments around Square One, a major shopping center in the city, will add to inventory and price appreciation in each of the market.

Mississauga real estate has continued to make larger and grow. New developments, particularly in the east and in the north, have eroded much of the city’s agricultural lands. It says, Mississauga will purchase 400 acres from the Town of Milton on January 1, 2010.

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