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If you want to invest in real estate, buying property or a piece of land in the appropriate region is crucial to having an essential return on investment. You cannot just invest in a location where very few individuals are interested in living and then assume to sell the property or house quickly. It is essential to perform extensive research to determine the area that is a preference for most individuals. If you are considering investing in real estate in Mississauga and the Greater Torronto Area, then Arsalan Hussain may just be the best option for you. With the flourishing economy and a huge number of businesses, Mississauga is predominant with possibilities for real estate investors to realize a profit. Arsalan Hussain, Realtor in Mississauga is the perfect choice for investors.

A Rising City

The city of Mississauga has a vast demand in real estate due to the growing economy and devastating tourist attraction. This city has indeed attracted a huge foreign interest in its real estate industry. Presently, the average selling price of a decent house in Mississauga is about 675,000 Canadian dollars. The standard cost of a detached house is recorded at 900,000 Canadian dollars while the same house retails at over one million Canadian dollars in Torronto.

The difference in pricing between Mississauga and Torronto tends to make buyers prefer buying property in Mississauga over Torronto. This indicates the potential of real estate in Mississauga from an investment point of view.Realtors in Mississauga are trying to leverage this opportunity as well. Higher exports to the European Union and the United States have created several manufacturing jobs in Mississauga. With the increased number of jobs, the demand for real estate is expected even to grow further. Therefore, if you need to invest in real estate in Brampton, Torronto and Oakville, hire us for expert services.

Why Do You Need An Expert?

The transactions of real estate are not accessible or straightforward at most times. With this, utilizing the services of an expert real estate agent is essential for all forms of property requirements as it can take away your entire stress. A good agent like us works with the customers and helps them with each step of the transaction. One can comfortably buy or sell a property without any issues after incorporating services of an expert real estate agent. There are so many real estate brokerages out there to help you about this.

Nevertheless, getting the appropriate agent for your requirements is incredibly essential as several real estate agents serve different segments of the real estate property industry. You will note that not all of them are viable to your needs.

Here are the benefits of hiring an expert real estate agent:

  • They have unique specialization in the market
  • Their services will significantly lower your risk
  • The services offered by them will save you a lot of hassles
  • You can be provided with customized services

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Why Choose Us ?

Arsalan Hussain has been proudly showcasing top real estate properties in Mississauga, Brampton, Torronto, Milton, Oakville, and GTA for a couple of years now. We provide ourselves in offering customers with real estate solutions on the basis of knowledge, experience, and integrity. We are one of the most respected GTA realtor. We have continuously nourished our relationship with our past customers as well as establish a formidable relationship with the new ones. This makes us list among the top real estate agents in these towns.

The current owner, Arsalan Hussain, is very experienced in the Mississauga and GTA real estate market. There are a lot of houses and condos for sale , houses and condos for rentals listed each and everyday. We also provide property management services for our clients. If you are looking for the best realtor in these cities, your search ends here. Here is why you should select us over our competitors:


Assisting you to sell or purchase a property is an art that starts with listening. As a leading real estate agent, we proficiently know the communities, the industry, the current market condition, as well as the most appropriate strategy to meet your real estate requirements. We ascertain our customers that we will get them the best real estate opportunity available in the market. The service and satisfaction to our clients top our priorities. For over thirty years, we have been regularly contacting our customers to let them know the status of their house selling and buying experience, and guarantee them of our continued efforts and work on their behalf.

It is our objective to add you to our long list of satisfied and happy clients, friends and referrals. We expect that we will assist you to make your most dream able real estate transaction now, and then contact us again for any other related real estate requirement

The Best Reputation

Arsalan Hussain has a perfect reputation in the industry and in the society we serve. We are connected, involved and active. We operate in GTA, Oakville, Toronto, Brampton, Milton, and Mississauga. Our staffs also reside in the societies we serve, offering as extra motivation in ensuring that transactions occur. Our experts’ involvement in various organizations helps us generate price much more accurately, more leads, and also negotiate with desirable leverage. With this, our customers enjoy our services much more.


We are a valuable real estate agent in society with numerous high profile contacts. Real estate transactions can be faced with several hindrances along the way, and it is essential to know who to contact to help you work through the obstacles that may inhibit your transaction. We use the contacts we have developed from almost thirty years in the business including mayors, trustees, lawyers, economic directors, planning directors, builders, engineering departments, environmental professionals, lenders, contractors, and several other professionals. The technique employed in our contact database offers us an opportunity to link the right individuals at the correct time, with a click of a button.

Industry Knowledge, Commitment and Persistence

Our entire team of agents is connected to the local culture of the GTA region. The experts’ guidance goes beyond the real estate knowledge. As active members of their societies, every real estate advisor have a local perspective and insight on every community. You will be advised on the lifestyle, demographic trends, culture, and the anticipated growth and development plans for every community when working with us. This aspect enables you to make the most conversant decision regarding your investment.

Inclusive Real Estate Solutions

Our objective is to provide complete real estate solutions that not only help you get settled and established into your new house as smoothly as possible but also enables you to get the right property. Purchasing a property in a new location can be difficult. Moving in a considerable distance as well as not being conversant with the locals can leave home seekers with numerous questions. Arsalan Hussain wants you to feel as confident and relaxed as possible. We will help you with each step of the process, including setting up phone, electric and water sources, coming into terms with the necessities of relocating such as tax and any other legal demand such as transactions and contracts.

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Our Google Reviews

There are no words to describe our amazing experience with Arsalan Hussain. He has been so hardworking and dedicated to finding us our dream home. Please before going anywhere, give Arsalan a chance. I promise you that you will have an unforgettable experience. He is like family now and i can't imagine dealing with anyone else. Your needs are his top priority! We are so so pleased with overall service. We finally found our dream home and are blessed.
Dar Motors
Highly HIGHLY recommend!! We stumbled across Arsalan by chance and are so happy we did. He went above and beyond on every occasion to make the sale of our home smoothly and efficiently. He sold our home Over Asking in mere 18 Hours!and that too in Challenging Sellers Market. We bought the new house 60k less than the market price. Arsalan’s communication was excellent, thorough and consistent, keeping us advised every step of the way. Even after his job was done, he continued to follow up to ensure we were satisfied and had no further needs. We will be recommending Arsalan to everyone we know and plan to use his services in the future!
Syed Raza Mumtaz
Arsalan did a fantastic job helping us locate a home in Toronto. One thing which stood out was his expertise & knowledge of the market along with his sharp negotiation skills. Once we found the home we loved, Arsalan negotiated hard and was able to get us our home $45,000 under the asking price. I highly recommend using Arsalan and would happily go through the process with him again.
Omer Waseem
Arsalan is very professional, honest, courteous and really helped with the whole process of buying our home. We have no problem recommending Arsalan to anyone looking to buy or sell. I have to say it was a seamless experience! He effectively communicates expectations, fosters a curiosity for innovative possibilities, displays a practical approach to solving problems and recognizes the needs of others and reaches out to lend a helping hand.
Shehroz Ali

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